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Power Pack for iPhone5/5S

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Power Pack for iPhone5/5S

No concern of battery !
The flip cover recharge case of iPad 5/5S of KIRD is the recharge case exclusively for iPhone 5/5S that is manufactured with the focus on 9mm of thin thickness and slimming down of weight even after the built-in large capacity battery of 2600mAh

The recharge efficiency of iPad 5/5S is the value of result measured for battery availability of approximately 15%.


  • Slim desing!
       It as built-in larhe-capacity battery, but has the thickness of only 9mm.
       The product minizized the thickness.
  • Aluminium Design!
       By using the silver/black alumunu, as in iPhone 5/5S, the high-class look of iPhone has been displayed.
  • Easy loading and unloading!
       It is not cumbersom.
       You do not need to apply significant force. Just simply place it down



 Product Name

 Power Pack For iPhone 5/5S 




 Output Voltage


 Output Current


 Input Voltage


 Input Current



 126.4 X 61 X 9

 Charging Time

 About 3hours







>> KIRD Inc.
We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of tablet PC company in Korea.

KIRD Inc. is an industry leader who can lead the fun and excitement of the digital lifestyle by not only developing high performance tablet PCs but also manufacturing zero defect products.

Our product range covers:
-Tablet PC
-I-phone case with the battery charger
-Selfie Stick

We have been supplying our products to global markets such as Japan and Cyprus since 2011 and our customers are very much satisfied with reliability & competitiveness on quality & service we are offering.

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Power Pack for iPhone5-5S

Power Pack for iPhone5-5S

Power Pack for iPhone5-5S

Power Pack for iPhone5-5S

Power Pack for iPhone5-5S

Power Pack for iPhone5-5S